The Palm Beach Post’s marketing consultancy, Ideabar, has a team of writers and designers who tell meaningful brand stories in ways that compel consumers to take action. We offer native print and digital solutions in The Palm Beach Post and, as well as content marketing solutions for social media, email, blogs, custom publishing projects, websites and digital magazines.

How We Drive Results

  • Print isn’t dead!
    Customers have walked into our client’s auto dealership with a native advertising “paid” story in hand and asked for “the car in this story.” The dealership moved a record number of units and is in the second year of the series, which tells the story of buyers and their favorite new car. 

  • We drive traffic and engagement.
    JFK Hospital’s sponsored page on gets high engagement and drives traffic to the client’s site to take action.

  • We get social.
    Social media content for Lilly Pulitzer’s granddaughter’s new fashion line creates engagement and trends.

70% of individuals would rather learn about products through content than through traditional advertising.
— Mashable, 2014