IP targeting allows you to match a consumer’s physical address with his or her computer’s IP address. While direct mail is a highly effective way to drive sales of products and services, businesses can significantly improve direct marketing success rates by adding IP targeting to their direct mail efforts. It’s simple. If you have an address list, we can deliver a digital ad message to those specific addresses in tandem.

How We Drive Results

  • We complement your direct mail campaign.
    We optimize the success of direct mail marketing campaigns by targeting those same consumers as they consume digital media. In their mailbox or on their desktop, your business will be front and center.

  • We don’t use cookies.
    Cookie deletion will not affect your IP targeting campaign. You’ll be able to reach your online target 100% of the time.

  • We lead up to and follow up with.
    We notify prospective customers of upcoming mailers and follow up with them afterwards to make sure they are noticed.

Retargeting [which includes behavioral targeting] is one of the most effective cross-channel strategies in 2014
— Search Engine Journal, 2014