Consumers are on the go, and your business should keep pace. Leverage the geographic targeting opportunities that mobile devices afford and increase your chance of conversion by delivering your message directly into the hands of consumers. ideabar is your local expert in mobile marketing. 

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How We Drive Results

  • Cutting edge technology provides the most accurate targeting available.
    Leveraging first and third party data we are able to pinpoint your target audience based on age, gender, location, interest, and previous behavior.

  • Precise Mobile allows us to reach ideal prospects throughout their day.
    Using data intelligence provided by our app network, we are able to pinpoint a user’s specific GPS location throughout their day, making sure your ad is served to the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. Gone are the days of the static geo-fence.

  • We take creative to a whole new level.
    Not only do we have award-winning designers who are experts at building mobile ads based on your needs, but our Precise Creative overlay capabilities allow us to show your prospects, in real time, exactly how far away they are from your nearest location.

  • Smart campaign optimization.
    Each campaign includes a mobile landing page with key information and secondary action buttons, allowing us to optimize the campaign automatically and in real-time based on your goals.

90% of smartphone users take action after performing a local search.
— Google, 2013

why mobile marketing?

Today's consumers are relaying more and more heavily on their mobile devices. Studies show that 234+ million Americans over the age of 13 now use mobile devices and they look at their devices over 150 times each day. 

What does that mean for you? Opportunity! And lots of it. 

Ideabar offers a wide arrange of mobile products and targeting, from our sophisticated precise mobile technology to mobile landing pages. Wherever your audience is, we can help your message reach them.