Paid search advertisements are a fast and efficient way to ensure that your company is visible within the search results page. These ads appear on the top and side of search engine results pages and have the added benefit of allowing you to pay only when users click on your advertisement.

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How We Drive Results

  • Designed to achieve your goals.
    Every campaign is custom created for your business with your unique goals in mind. With full Google Analytics integration, we track performance beyond the click and all the way through conversion.

  • People manage your campaign – not machines.
    Our in-house search experts use industry best practices, historical campaign metrics, and site performance data to build customized campaigns.

  • We're one of Google's Premier SMB Partners.
    This means we have the local knowledge, product expertise, and access to Google technology necessary for creating high-performing digital campaigns.

  • We'll do all the dirty work.
    We research your industry and your competitors to help you navigate the Quality Score process and use highly targeted keyword terms.

  • We focus on transparency.
    You’ll always know what we’re spending for your SEM campaign, where your traffic is coming from, and what keywords generate that traffic.

  • We maximize your mobile presence.
    We employ a host of proven search marketing techniques to maximize your mobile presence.

Paid search visits to websites make up about one-third of total visits from search engines.
— Groove Commerce, 2013


Paid search engine marketing, or SEM, is an efficient way to ensure that your company is visible on search engine results pages - at the top, no less. Paid search advertising also gives you the ability to only pay when your search advertisements are clicked on.
Consumer purchase decisions are made or lost based on advertisers’ ability to connect across multiple channels. Paid search is a great compliment to your traditional marketing efforts as it gives you the opportunity to reinforce the same messaging and offers which will help drive more sales and increase the effectiveness of both campaigns. In today’s marketplace, delivering a consistent message across multiple media platforms is critical to success. A unified presence in traditional and digital media creates a brand voice that builds credibility, authority, and trust in the marketplace. 

Paid Search’s Added Benefit
Paid search engine marketing has the added benefit of being easily measured. Advertisers can track paid search campaigns’ success throughout the campaign. In addition, advertisers can test the effectiveness of campaign messages through PPC and use that data to then craft highly informed messages for use in traditional advertising - increasing overall campaign effectiveness.