Premium display advertisements grab consumers’ attention. We have exclusive access to The Palm Beach Daily News and The Palm Beach Post’s loyal readers and online audiences and can deliver your message in a brand-safe environment – building awareness and increasing consumer engagement. 

Premium display advertisements go beyond a simple click-through and encourage interaction. For example, users can roll over the ad and engage with a game, hover over a cube ad and see it roll across the screen, or watch a streaming video.

How We Drive Results

  • We can target the audience segments that are most relevant to your brand.
    We can also scale across multiple channels via behavioral, geographical, or contextual audience targeting strategies.

  • We capture the insight you need.
    We can record the time spent in the ad, whether the user clicked through to the website, and more – giving you the insight you need to plan and implement the most effective campaigns.

  • We provide greater points of interaction with users.
    Greater interaction increases engagement and the amount of time they spend with your ad and your message.

  • We have an award-winning creative team.
    Our creative design team created nearly 13,000 display ads in 2013, alone, and has over 170 years of combined experience.

Rich media display ads boost site visits three-fold; with video, six-fold.
— MediaMind, 2012