Advertise on premium national, local, and niche websites across the Internet THROUGH PROGRAMMATIC MEDIA BUYING to expand your visibility. Reach extension lets you hyper-target the most eligible prospects – those who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

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How We Drive Results

  • We hyper-target your audience.
    Ideabar can target and reach your audience by demographic, location, interest categories, keywords, topics, publishers, and more.

  • We can reach 97% of all Internet users.
    Our reach extension networks allow us to put your message in front of up to 97% of all Internet users – increasing your reach and opportunity for success.

  • We focus on transparency and ROI.
    Our transparent reporting and ongoing campaign optimization shows you campaign results as they happen.

  • In-house media buyers.
    Our in-house media buyers work with you every step of the way to create a fully customized campaign designed to meet your digital goals. 

Reach Extension technology allows us to reach 97% of Internet users.
— CMG Internal Analysis, 2013


Ideabar harnesses the power of our reach extension networks to provide our advertisers access to millions of partnership websites across the Internet, extending your message’s reach and your brand’s visibility. We partner with premier websites that allow us to reach 97% of Internet users. A reach extension campaign is a great way to increase your brand credibility within the local market by positioning yourself on local and national websites related to the products or services you provide. This strategy is a great complement to a retargeting campaign as it drives new visitors to your website.