Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of your website and business listings within organic, non-paid search engine results. a strong seo strategy ensures your online presence best represents your business, is COMPLIANT with all of the google algorithm updates, and helps position your business to rank higher in search results. 

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How We Drive Results

  • People manage your campaign – not machines.
    We have a team of in-house search experts using industry best practices, historical campaign metrics, and site performance data to build customized campaigns.
  • We use quality SEO techniques.
    We don’t use “black hat” techniques that can leave your website susceptible to consistent algorithm updates.
  • We analyze and customize.
    We do a thorough analysis of your company’s website and provide custom recommendations based on your site architecture to maximize rankings.
  • We take a content-centric approach to SEO.
    From rich content to the voice you use with social media, digital execution is tailored to speak to your customer.
  • We ensure listings are consistent.
    And we make sure they’re consistent across 40 different directories, including Google and Facebook. We also alert you when new reviews are posted.
  • We maximize your mobile presence.
    We employ a host of proven techniques to maximize your mobile search presence.
97% of consumers research products online before purchasing.
— BIAKelsey/ComScore, 2013


Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of your website and your various business listings inside all non-paid search engine results.
The majority of clicks take place within the non-paid seach results, so having strong SEO helps generates quality leads and converts searches into sales. SEO is more than a product, it's a strategy that includes everything from content creation to ensuring your address and information is correct across all of of the different major directories.

SEO & Traditional Media
According to recent reports, approximately 70% of all ad spending will remain in traditional media through 2017. Marrying a digital strategy with traditional advertising is key to navigating new consumer research patterns. Reinforcing the traditional campaign’s message with a strong digital presence keeps the advertiser top-of-mind throughout the purchasing funnel. In today’s marketplace, a strong digital presence is necessary. A unified presence in traditional and digital media creates a brand voice that builds credibility, authority, and trust in the marketplace. 

Want to know how successful your traditional advertising is at driving traffic online?
Compare the times/days your traditional ads run with the analytics of your overall website traffic (we highly recommend installing Google Analytics on your website). A noticeable lift should be apparent. This data can give valuable insight into how and where to invest marketing dollars for the highest return.