Video has the power to persuade using sight, sound, and motion. Reach a captive audience and increase consumer engagement with a video pre-roll campaign. currently running tv? extend the reach of your television advertising efforts with pre-roll.

Video reach extension technology lets you hyper-target the consumers who are most likely to convert into customers. Ideabar can target and reach your audience by: Demographic, Location, Interest Categories, Keywords, Topics and Publishers.

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How We Drive Results

  • We provide exclusive access to our loyal audiences.
    The Palm Beach Post & Palm Beach Daily News owns and operates local media websites, giving you exclusive access to our loyal audiences. We know our audiences, which makes targeting them strategically very simple.

  • We can increase your visibility.
    We provide syndicated, rich media, and local media opportunities to expand your visibility and likelihood for success.

  • We can extend your reach.
    Our video reach extension networks allow us to reach 87% of all online video viewers, extending your reach and increasing your chance of conversion.

  • We have in-house production teams.
    Our production teams specialize in creating dynamic video that demands attention and meets your unique needs.

75% of all Internet users in 2013 watched online video content multiple times per month.
— eMarketer, 2013