Ideabar is a marketing consultancy and advertising agency. We are an internal startup of Palm Beach Newspapers Inc., owned by Cox Media Group, one of the World's largest privately held media companies. We provide solutions for our clients' global marketing needs. We offer digital marketing services, strategic branding services, creative for all media, local market research and experiential marketing. We work in flexible ways on a project and in-depth basis. Clients come directly to Ideabar, as well as through The Palm Beach Post and Palm Beach Daily News. We are results focused, collaborative, storytellers adept in new media. How can we help you grow?

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We can't wait to meet you and learn about your business. Schedule a complimentary marketing consultation at Ideabar today. We call them Happy Hours – because the coffee and the ideas are on us!

Consults cover:

  • A digital assessment of the effectiveness of your online presence considering your Website, social presence, SEO and other online channels

  • Your best opportunities in the marketplace

  • Your most outstanding business challenges

  • Marketing strategy

  • Marketing tactics: We select carefully from the fullest array of modern marketing solutions of any shop in our market

  • How to measure ROI

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This month's cover photo provided by: Yoyi Gomez Photography