Ideabar offers a variety of research services and works strategically with our clients to help their businesses grow. Here are some examples of market intelligence we think would be helpful to your business.

Demographic Snapshot: 

Gain insight into the demographic makeup of any area.  Understand the population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, household income, household size, homeownership, market value of owned home, employment, education level, marital status, or any other demographic variable.  Or, look at a specific target group within the larger population and see how that group differs from the base population in terms of location, demographics, media use or other attitudes and behaviors.

Consumer Behavior Snapshot:  

Gain insight into the consumer behavior around categories like retail, automotive, home improvement, health, travel, dining and other leisure activities. Or, identify the demographic makeup of your target customer by a specific consumer behavior. 

Retail Marketplace Snapshot: 

Gain insight into the retail potential of an area by radius from a specific location. Learn about the population within that area, the number of competing businesses and any opportunity gaps between supply and demand for major retail categories.


 Identify your target audience from an analysis of your current customer database and find opportunities for growth by identifying the location of “look-alike” potential customers. Understand where you have market saturation and where your best opportunities lie to be smarter with your marketing dollars.


Work with a qualified research team that conducts 700+ studies for 100+ brands annually. Build a custom research project around your business needs, target your ideal customers and get answers that impact your business: brand awareness, consumer perceptions and competitive strengths and weaknesses. Use these strategic insights to impact your marketing efforts and drive your business forward.

  • Brand/Product Perceptual Study: Measures brand awareness, perception and key attributes. Also captures competitive strengths and weaknesses or overall impressions among the target (potential) consumer base and heaviest users.  
  • Creative/Messaging Study: Tests the effectiveness of any marketing and advertising creative, including logos, taglines, promotions, commercials, slogans and billboards, spots and print ads.

  • Pre/Post Campaign Studies: Assesses the impact of marketing and advertising creative by testing brand and product metrics prior to flighting a campaign, then reassessing perceptions based on the same metrics after exposure to the marketing and advertising creatives.

  • Category Research Study: Gain insight into a target industry to uncover the real opportunity available, including a detailed competitive environment analysis, category spending and behavioral trending.