Smartphones are a smart idea for SMBs

If your target demographic is in the 18-to-46 age group, getting your brand on smartphones is a smart idea. While consumers still prefer tablets, such as the iPad, for watching full TV episodes, movies and game-playing, people are using smartphones for most other mobile activities. That’s among the findings from a new report from GfK Custom Research North America on “How People Use Media.”]

"The amount of time that people spend using smartphones is creating a sense of comfort that seems to trump concerns about screen size,” said David Tice, Senior Vice President of GfK Media. "As smartphones become larger and more viewing-oriented, they may erode the tablet’s advantages for even long viewing sessions. The fact that Generations X and Y have an almost native ease with smartphones will only accentuate this trend.”

The report also finds that “Comfort with using the smartphone as a media device varied greatly among key age groups. Among smartphone viewers in Generation X (ages 33 to 46), 44% reported that they watch both clips and full episodes of TV shows on smartphones, compared to 24% for Generation Y (ages 13 to 32) and 17% for Baby Boomers (ages 47 to 54). In addition, 22% of Generation Y smartphone viewers report that their smartphone viewing is replacing time with regular TV, compared to 14% for Generation X and Baby Boomers.”

written by: Gerry Barker