What is the right digital strategy for my company?

Everyone wants it. No one has it. Nevertheless, a lot of “experts” claim to have it. What am I talking about? The Magic Potion, of course! I meet so many small-business owners who are eager to survive this economy, but not so eager to spend money on advertising. They feel that their friends will help; word of mouth will bring thousands of customers … Right! And, boy, I love this one: “I have a Facebook page” (with no likes or interactions).

Small-business owners think their niece or babysitter can help by posting to their social-media sites or web pages. But the owners don’t know what to say, so the effort usually fails. Marketing your business is a must, or no one will ever find you. I’m sure that you spent all that money on your space, and getting your storefront together, just to sit and wait, right?

So, getting back to that Magic Potion... In my experience, MAGIC stands for this:

M: Mobile   A: Analytics   G: Google   I: Integrated   C: Creative

This is all the magic you need.

Mobile – have you noticed that many people can’t do anything without their mobile device? I swear that I’ve seen more black-and-blue marks on foreheads from people walking with their heads down while on their phones! They buy, they search, they call – heck, they even do homework while at dinner – on mobile devices.

Analytics – whether you use Google Analytics, your website’s analytics, or Facebook’s analytics, they help you measure whatever you’re doing on an hourly basis – even your mobile marketing campaign. I’ve found that most small-business owners don’t know how to read their own analytics reports and then assume, “My advertising isn’t working.” The simplest solution I’ve found is that I ask my clients to just add me as a “viewer” on their analytics, so I can show them what’s working on what days and what’s not. With that information, we can optimize their entire campaign based on those numbers.

Google can be used in so many ways, including looking up what your competitor is doing, looking at what your neighbor in the strip mall is doing… Google Analytics – it’s like Marsha Brady saying “Google, Google, Google”; but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s just Droopy saying “G o o g l e.” Lean on your trusted Palm Beach Post rep to help you to read and understand the information. Doing so will help you see what’s working and what’s not, so that you can optimize your campaign.

Integrating your digital buy can only enhance your chances of reaching every target that you’ve laid your eyes on. (You do know who your targets are, right?) “Integrated” means a healthy mix of where you place your business’s advertising – such as your local newspaper, mobile, billboards, tablets – not just in one place.

Creative is such an important part of an advertising campaign. So many business owners put together flyers by themselves and call it “marketing” or “advertising” – yet they have nothing to do with the true message that the owners would like to spread. I say that if you know how to make pizza, make the pizza; let the experts handle advertising. (I have no clue how to make pizza, so I quit trying. My family thanks me for it.) Of course, you’d use a different creative approach for a mobile campaign than you would for a print campaign.

So here’s the POTION part of it when you work with us at The Palm Beach Post. (You guessed it – another acronym):

P: P.B. Post apps – Have you downloaded all of our apps onto your devices?

O: Online – includes desktops, laptops, smart phones, mobile sites, tablets, home, work, on the go!

T: Tablets – are the future of how people perform day-to-day activities.

I: IdeaLab – Have you heard that The Palm Beach Post powers the IdeaLab? It’s a full digital agency             working for you – and your business – on things like retargeting, mobile, search, search-engine optimization, Tweets, etc.

O: Organization – We work for you and with you, and we boast an entire floor dedicated to your advertising success in digital marketing.

N: NEWS – The Palm Beach Post continues to be the No. 1 place that people trust for local news.

I’m a believer in relationships, and since there is no R in “Magic Potion,” I’ll end with this. Build the relationship with your Account Executive & Digital Account Manager. Provide them with all the information you have, and they’ll help you to find the right solution to fit your needs.

So that’s it … your MAGIC POTION of a successful digital campaign.

written by: Michele Williams