Be more than just mobile friendly, be mobile savvy

As smart-phones continue to gain ground and consumers become savvier, it’s inevitable that businesses will have to adjust to keep up – much like the early 2000s, when business owners felt pressure to create a website presence online. The next method of survival is mobile. With more than 20 percent of online traffic originating from a mobile device, the most important question is whether you need to invest in creating a mobile website. Mobile websites are simply an extension of your current site, which is simplified in both layout and content for viewing on a smart-phone. This way, if someone goes to your site from their mobile device, the mobile website is automatically loaded.

So how do you know if you need one? The best place to start is by looking at your site analytics. If you don’t currently have some form of analytics set up, Google Analytics is a great free tool to get you started. Your site analytics should provide a breakdown of mobile traffic. If mobile makes up a significant portion of your overall traffic, it’s time to consider your mobile strategy.

The most important part of creating a great mobile site is understanding your target audience. One in three mobile searches have to do with location, so it’s crucial to make sure that your mobile site includes an interactive map, along with your address. Also important is your phone number, optimized for click-to-call functionality. Determine the key information your clients would be looking for on-the-go; then design your site so that info is easily accessible.

After that, decide what you want the main goal of the site to be. If it’s lead generation, include a form. If it’s instant action, include a special offer. Mobile sites can have a number of different features, including photo slideshows, videos, forms and more. Simplicity is key! Mobile users want information as quickly and as easily as possible, so the less “stuff” on your mobile site, the better.

mobile site strategies

What’s next? After you launch your mobile website, a number of different marketing opportunities are available. These include mobile search/pay-per-click campaigns, mobile networks and SMS (short-message service) messaging. As digital continues to evolve, new platforms and opportunities are constantly becoming available.

written by: Alexandra Guth