Get the most from your email marketing

Email marketing can be an excellent tool for communicating with existing and prospective customers. When done well, your company stays top of mind and provides valuable information and savings that would otherwise not be available. If you’re already dedicating time and resources to email marketing, or are planning to get started, here are some important tips to bring you maximum results.

Content: The best way to ensure that people are reading your emails is to make sure you are providing them with valuable information. Well written and interesting content provides the reader an incentive to open your emails and presents the opportunity for sharing. Strong content includes: exclusive deals, how-to’s, relevant news and upcoming events.

Frequency: How much is too much? It’s important to find a balance that keeps y

our company top-of-mind without over-communicating. The number of emails you send will vary depending on your industry, content, and client demand. Typically 2-4 emails monthly is a sufficient number to keep in touch without spamming. If you’re still unsure what would work best, ask your current readers!

 Subject Line:  A strong subject line piques a reader’s interest and gives them reason to read your email. Subject lines should be relevant to the content within and should be 67 characters or less. Most email readers will only preview the first 30 characters or less. To reduce the risk of being marked as SPAM you should keep capitalized words to a minimum and use

special characters sparingly and only when relevant.

Links: Having lots of great content is fabulous, but trying to cram it all into one

email will often have a reverse effect. Instead of long, winded, emails, try including just a few teaser sentences followed by a link to “read more” that directs readers to your website, blog, or other publication outlet. Be sure to track your links and see which ones received the most interaction – this is a great way to find out what information is valuable to your readers!

Images: Lastly, don’t be shy to include some well-placed images into your email. The addition of images creates visual interest and breaks up large amounts of text. Don’t rely solely on images to get your message across as many email clients won’t automat

Always remember to respect opt-out requests and to make sure you’re sending to individuals who have opted in to receiving information from you. Many email clients will ban users if too many SPAM reports are submitted so by ensuring your list is valid and that the addresses are working can save you a hassle in the future. Interested in learning more about email marketing or how to grow your list, please leave a comment below or contact me directly!ically display images.  When adding images to an email, be sure to reduce the file size before uploading into your email client, large images take much longer to load.