Learning from the insurance approach to marketing

Whether it is the gecko lizard walking around the Geico commercials, Flo offering discounts to Progressive customers, or the dude from the TV series 24 letting us know we’re “in good hands with Allstate,” we know them all as branding personalities. The three companies’ commercials, radio spots, print ads, and commercials played on news sites don’t result in immediate phone calls to buy a policy. Instead, readers, viewers and listeners are encouraged to go to each respective company’s website in order to get a quote.

These companies take the approach of teasing but not delivering the goods. This prevents an immediate yes/no response and allows the consumer to engage with sites, mobile apps and social-media pages to learn more about the pros and cons when shopping for auto insurance. Chances of a buy increase when there are more “likes,” site visits and application downloads.

How You Can Use the “Insurance Approach”:

1. Offer a success story:

a. What’s in it for the customer if they “make the switch”?

b. What can they gain by using your service or product?

c. Tease them with an offer that needs research.

d. Consumers who invest the time to research your business are the most desirable prospects.

2. Develop a branding symbol that is synonymous with your business name.

3. Include social-media logos such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as QR (quick-response) codes for mobile websites, in print, TV and web; and mention them for “on-air” spots.

4. Set up Google Analytics to monitor site traffic during the campaign.

5. Frequently visit your competitors’ sites (“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”).

6. Publicly respect the competition. In other words, be like Progressive: Don’t be afraid to show how your policy prices compare with those of other insurance companies.

written by: John DiCostanzo