Need a magic bullet to target your ideal customer?

Ever wonder if there is really a magic bullet in ways to target your best customer in the West Palm Beach market area to help you grow your customer base? Every wonder if, on your next long run, in this stifling heat and 100 degree heat index days in the West Palm Beach area, if you will even be able to finish what you’ve set out to do?

This analogy of how running in the heat is like targeting your best prospect might help you develop more customers for your local business.

Here are 3 easy tips for you, today.

 1)      Shade, or no Shade – Male, or Female.

On a bright sunny day in the West Palm Beach area you have two choices. Shade. No shade. As you run down the street, sidewalk or waterfront on Flagler, you have a decision point to make. Do you run in the full sun, or choose to cross the street and run in the shade? That is like targeting your customers for your small business: Male. Female.

Simple as that.

Your first decision point in better targeting for your service, or business, is – do you want to reach males, or females. Just like shade or no shade, that is a straight-forward easy decision. Look around your store, examine your customer records. Do you attract more females to your store? Or do you attract more males to your store? Do you own a small dress or fashion shop that truly attracts female shoppers, with the occasional male shopper who would only come through your door for that special occasion for his female (wife, mate, partner, etc.) person? Or, do you own a golf shop, full of new shiny woods, irons, drivers, and putters and you find that the majority of your shoppers are men? Tracking the customers who come through your doors for a week or month would easily tell you that. Looking at your customer records – their names - could be another easy way to ascertain that you are correct when you assume one or the other. Male/Female is like a choice of shade or sun when you run in this South Florida summer.

2)      Hydrate, or not – Short drive time or long.

On this bright sunny day in the West Palm Beach area  you could quickly forget that on your long run (1 mile, 4 miles, 15 or whatever is long for you) you need to remember to take in the proper amounts of water; both during the day and before, during, and after your run. You have learned that if you don’t do that; you will suffer unnecessarily. Drinking plenty of water is like knowing your best customers. How often they come into your store not only to browse, but to buy; and where they live and work. Do they live / work within one mile of your store?  Two miles?  Five miles? Or do you have the type of products and services that would cause them to drive more than 10, 15, or 20 miles to your store to buy? Are they only a few miles from your store, or do they live 15 miles away? If you have higher price point items (cars, trucks, furniture, big screen TV’s) they might be willing to take longer to get to your store because they think it might offset the price of gas for better service or a better price.

This is next decision point in your quest to better target more customers to your store. Looking at your customer records will tell you where they live and work, and how far they are willing to drive to shop with you. The Palm Beach relies on market research that would help you in this decision point in your best targeting. Example: Market research shows that people are willing to drive an average of 15 miles to shop for a new car. The Post’s consultants can assist you.

3)      Determination. Go big or smaller.

Before you go out for your next run this summer, you must decide how long your run will be. If you don’t decide ahead of time, you might just get hot, tired, need hydration, and just stop. Quit. Give up. For this one day. In your small/medium sized business in the West Palm Beach market, it’s likely you don’t have the luxury to just quit. You are not motivated to just shut your door and go home. Your entrepreneur spirit must run high, or you wouldn’t have taken a chance to open a business as a means to provide for you and your family. Your determination to grow and succeed is a link to how your approach your sport. Go harder. Go long. Go for more. In targeting your best customer there is always much more to learn. Your determination to succeed is met with your curiosity to learn more. Asking every salesperson who comes through your door in an average month (studies show an average of 22 per month, itzBelden research, June, 2010) would likely garner a multitude of answers when you ask “how should I better target more customers?” Our media consultants can assist you and give you an honest assessment of your business that aligns with your goals. Looking at average household income is another measure that is similar to determination. Do you want to reach more of the same? Do you aspire to bring in customers who have more money to spend in your store because they have a higher household income? Have you been trying to reach a customer who has less disposable income? Determination meets data mining is akin to concentrating on your best prospect, those who look like your current customer base who just haven’t found your store or services yet.

The Palm Beach Post is a multi-media firm who specializes in helping you grows your business. We have loads of experience in targeting, whether you want to discuss email marketing or direct marketing via the USPS. You can consider geo-zoning digitally, or micro zoning in print.