Success with online display advertising

It is important to understand how to measure the success of an online ad campaign or any initiative that you may be considering in the digital space, prior to moving forward. The most well-known metric for success in online display is the ‘CTR’ or click through rate.  This is just simply a measurement of how many people clicked on the ad and went away from what they were reading – to find out more information about your offer on your website or landing page.

The Palm Beach Post digital team does a great job of providing comprehensive campaign reports following each and every online display ad campaign that we run.  These reports feature information such as targeting (where the ad ran online, what section of the website), flight dates (the time period the campaign was live online), CTR – click through rate, and an analysis of how many impressions were booked (bought) vs. how many delivered.

In some cases, an online campaign will over deliver (which is like a bank error in your favor) and from time to time an online campaign will under deliver (which is why we monitor so that we can schedule make good placements).  In either case, you will always get what you pay for and your online display ad campaign will always be delivered in full.

Another key metric of success in any marketing venture that you are considering in the digital space is the following: “Is my website getting a peak in web traffic during the time period that I am investing in digital marketing initiatives?” 

This is a very important question to ask yourself and the answer starts with whether or not you are tracking the traffic that comes into your website each month, via analytics.  Prior to the digital marketing initiative or display ad campaign going live you want to have a solid understanding regarding how many Unique Visitors your website receives each month and how many Page Views as well.  This is important information to know because you can then gauge whether or not you had a ‘peak’ in web traffic to your website during the time of your digital marketing initiative.

We recommend implementing and using Google Analytics to track your web traffic because it is quality FREE analytic tracking that you can access online.  Just go to Google and type in ‘Google Analytics’ and follow through a few simple steps to begin.  We also recommend assigning ‘View Access’ to the Online Account Manager who you are working with at the Palm Beach Post in order for us to coach and support you better – as well as optimize your online initiative.

written by: Shaun Harrington