Why most small businesses won't reach me

Rewind to 5 to 10 years ago, to when an advertiser had far fewer choices – consisting of radio, TV, newspaper and direct mail – to reach consumers. (We had Blockbuster, too!) Think of all the ways your life has changed due to technology in your daily routine. I’ll name a few: My iPhone is now my alarm clock, flashlight, Facebook portal, LinkedIn portal, and a telephone so that I can text and not talk to people. I no longer watch TV; I “DVR” it so that I can skip through the commercials and just watch the show in 30 minutes, vs. the 60 minutes it used to take.

I have XM radio in my car and read my news on my iPad – thank goodness there’s an app for The Palm Beach Post, so I can get it even faster. I don’t usually go to my iPad first; I get a text message from our newspaper with a breaking story and then I’ll sign on and read what’s happening.

In my world, I need to stay connected to everyone I’ve ever met, so between my Facebook, LinkedIn, Klout, Pinterest, Foursquare (you get the point), I’m connected. Why am I telling you all of this?

Because if one little ol’ me uses this much technology during my day – and an advertiser tells me he still advertises in only one space whether it’s TV, print, radio, etc. – then he’s not going to survive in today’s world. He won’t reach me: I won’t hear, see or view his promotions!

Mobile is the easiest way to connect, especially to me, because I use my iPhone in so many ways. I know the technology is out there to target me while I’m searching, so why not use it? Show me the ad on my phone or iPad, or tell me to send a text somewhere and give me a text back. I no longer go to my “dinosaur” computer in my office (which was my first-ever flat screen seven years ago). It’s just collecting dust, waiting for me to use it.

The message you need to hear is this: Integrate your marketing by using all methods of social, print and mobile advertising that make sense for the target audience you’re trying to reach. Don’t be fooled by “generation thinking” any more. I’ve heard many folks say, “People over 55 don’t have iPads or tablets.”  Well, I’m here to tell you they do.

When I flew earlier this year, I sat next to a 70-year-old woman who was showing me her apps and how she uses her iPad to stay connected to her grandkids. It’s just one more way that people can multi-task. Those who multi-task see, and hear, much more than those who don’t. If someone is watching TV and cooking and they hear a commercial, odds are great that they’ll be more likely to click on the ad, search the advertiser, or Google the name and call – all with a touch of their screen.

So this, my friends, is why some small businesses aren’t reaching their customers. People’s lives have changed at such a rapid pace that many business owners forget to sit back every quarter and ask themselves, “Who is actually buying my products or services?” “How did they located me?” “Did they have a hard time finding me – was it word of mouth?”, etc.

If you’re asking yourself that right now, then please find the time to call us and allow us to become your partner. If you’re not sure what you need, then you really need to call, so we can dig deep and help you find the answers to your questions by creating a Marketing Strategy Model for your business.

written by: Michele Williams