Smartphones hit another milestone! Media Week reports that Commodore, the digital-business-analytics company, says smartphones have hit a tipping point, with the majority of adult users in the U.S. now owning one. It also cites these statistics: Three-quarters of Americans use SMS (75.5 percent), 54 percent use apps, and 52 percent use the mobile browser. “Considering that cell-phone penetration now is at 234 million Americans, those are mighty numbers indeed,” said author Steve Smith.

Also, TechCrunch had this: “The unstoppable rise of smartphones and tablets will see 1.2 billion of the devices being bought worldwide next year, analyst Gartner is predicting. It also forecasts sales of 821 million of the smart devices this year — which it says will account for 70 percent of total devices sold in 2012.”

And finally, there’s this from TabTimes: “A new report says mobile smartphone and tablet apps will generate over $35 billion in revenue by 2017, up from less than $1 billion in 2009.”

All this just reinforces the world’s ever-increasing shift to mobile, and why it’s more important than ever for any business or brand to be “mobile-optimized.” Are you?

written by: Gerry Barker