Marketing Strategy starts with data

2013 is nearly upon us, so now is the most important time to make sure that you have a strong foundation in place in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing dollars next year. As more marketing opportunities become available – and existing ones more targeted – it’s important to be able to find out exactly what’s working for you so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Data are your friend, so, by taking advantage of the tools available to you and by having strong marketing partners, you will set yourself up for success.  

Google Analytics – Now is the time to take advantage of Google Analytics if you’re not already. This tool is easy to implement on your site (simply go to to get started). If you’re unsure about whether you have analytics on your site, ask your webmaster. To access Google Analytics, you will need to create a Google/Gmail account.


If you already have Google Analytics, now is a good time to log in and take a look at your current traffic. I recommend adjusting the time period to review the entire year so that you can find information on your biggest traffic referrers, organic keywords that people are using to find your site, and more. The information found within your Google Analytics account is vital to your marketing campaign and should be reviewed on a weekly or, at the very least, monthly basis.


Facebook Insights – If you’re like many other business owners, you’ve most likely invested countless hours and dollars in creating a following on Facebook. These followers are very important to your business, as they are people who believe in your brand and are interested in what you have to say. Once your page has 30 or more fans, you are able to see the Insights. These data show you valuable information on what your fans look like – where they live, how old they are, whether they are male or female. You’re also able to see what posts have received the most interaction. With this information, you can create a strong profile of who the members of your online audience are, and what information is valuable to them. Like Google Analytics, you should be watching your Facebook Insights fairly carefully.

We invite all of our advertising partners to add as a viewer to both their Google Analytics and to their Facebook Insights. This way, we can help you decipher the data and learn what your clients are engaging with.

By setting up these analytics tools and familiarizing yourself with them, you are laying the foundation for your 2013 marketing strategy. With these tools, you can track how your advertising efforts are working, and you will be able to make better, more informed decisions backed by powerful data. Keep watch for Part II, in which I discuss what data you should be looking at and what those data mean.

written by: Alexandra Guth