2013 Marketing Strategy: Booking Appointments

2013 Marketing Strategy

In Part 4, we focused on a marketing strategy that would drive traffic to our fictional spa’s website. This strategy included ad-network buys, retargeting and search-engine marketing. This time, I’d like to focus on the spa’s next goal: increasing online appointment bookings. Driving traffic to the website is important, but without clear messaging, those visitors might not convert. Since the spa is already investing a significant amount of money each month – on ad networks and in retargeting – let’s talk about how those campaigns can be used to drive online bookings. The first suggestion would be to improve the banner-ad artwork – by promoting limited-time offers and promotions, people are more likely to click and, ultimately, purchase. Artwork can be updated monthly, so promoting different services each month and offering an “online special” could be very effective in driving traffic.

The next step is to create a good landing page. It doesn’t matter how many clicks an ad gets; if it sends people to a poor landing page, the campaign won’t succeed. A good landing page in this instance would live on the spa’s website. It would focus on that month’s special (for instance, an online special of a massage plus a facial for $129). In addition, on that same page would be a simple form for clients to book their appointments. By putting everything on one page, the spa would make it extremely easy for clients to do exactly what they want: book an appointment online! Another plus: Different landing pages can be created for all of the services that are offered, and they can link to the appropriate banner ad or search-engine-marketing term.

While this is a specific instance, it’s important to point out that it is an industry best practice to point advertising and marketing efforts to specific places. The more actions or “clicks” a prospect needs to make before finding the information they are looking for, the less likely they reach the desired destination. Try to avoid pointing banner ads to the homepage of your website whenever possible, especially if your ads are discussing a specific product, service, or department.

To have a balanced campaign, the spa might decide to dedicate half of their advertising budget to a pure branding campaign, driving traffic to their services menu and then dedicate the other half to driving online bookings for the monthly special. This strategy provides a lot of flexibility for creative and will help the spa meet their marketing goals without having to increase their budget.

Check back next time for Part 6, which talks about how they Spa can meet their goal of selling more Swedish Massages.