2013 Marketing Strategy: Realistic Measurable Marketing Goals

goal setting final

If you have read Part 1 and 2 of this series, you have set up your Google Analytics and have familiarized yourself with it and with Facebook Insights. You know where your traffic is coming from and how people are interacting with your posts. Now that you’re armed with all these data, your next step is to come up with your 2013 marketing goals. So … out with it … what are your goals for 2013? Chances are that you’re sitting there thinking “Make more money!” Although that’s a good goal to have, it’s not specific enough. This is the time to narrow it down and to come up with some more specific goals.

Say, for instance, that you own a spa, and the goals you come up with are these: book more appointments online, increase traffic to the website, sell more Swedish massages, and schedule more bridal party packages. These are very defined goals that can be easily measured.

Once you narrow down your goals to include specific actions and products, you’re ready to start planning your marketing strategy! The next step is to take your goals and rank them by importance. By ranking your goals, you can then decide which ones are worth a larger portion of your marketing budget.

Let’s take a look at the spa’s goals and see whether they can be organized by importance.

  • Booking more appointments online means driving more traffic to the website, so those two goals work hand in hand;
  • Selling more Swedish massages can also be achieved by driving traffic to the website;
  • Bridal party packages are a fairly niche market and would require a more targeted approach.

By analyzing how the goals work together, we can see that the most important goal, and the easiest to achieve, would be driving traffic to the website. Based on revenue potential, here’s one approach that this spa could take for its 2013 marketing goals.

  1. Drive more traffic to the website;
  2. Book more appointments online;
  3. Sell more Swedish massages;
  4. Schedule more bridal party packages.

Now is your chance to sit down and come up with your top three to five goals for 2013. Take your time and make sure they are as specific as possible. Once you narrow down your goals, organize them by importance. The next four installations of this series will focus on each of the goals of this fictional spa and the potential marketing strategies that can be used to achieve them.