Technology Builds a Kitchen (and so does hubby)

We recently remodeled our kitchen after living in the house for four years. I had the money, Thanksgiving was approaching, and I wanted it complete in three weeks. While some of you might say, “My kitchen took three months – is she crazy?”, it was something I knew I could make happen with the right “tools” and, of course, my talented husband. Tools needed: Think beyond the chipping hammers and screw guns. I needed an iPad, iPhone, and a big chain home-improvement store to help with the right in-stock items. First was watching them “build” it on the computer in 15 minutes. Of course, we had all of the measurements with us; that helped. But to be able to “see” my kitchen before we started construction really helped!

While the fellow was “building” our new kitchen on the computer, I was on my iPhone looking at sinks, hardware and pull-out drawers so that I could see what I needed to include in the order. I knew that I had only three weeks to order, demolish, install, paint … and put everything back. By the way, when you redo a kitchen, you eat out every day that it’s not up and running, so I depended on a lot of online coupons and specials that I received. Fast food is not our favorite, so we needed to plan right.

It began with a full day of six people doing “demo” (thank goodness for good friends) and hauling it all to the trash. That same day, the new floor was in, the ceiling down, and a wall cut out to enlarge the space. From start to finish, the kitchen was complete by Thanksgiving, and the smell of turkey filled the air. I was lucky: Most people don’t have the luxury of having a talented carpenter who took “one hell of a shop class” in school. Nevertheless, it took a lot of surfing for cabinets, ideas, hardware, countertops, backsplashes, etc. – while eating dinner at restaurants! Thank goodness for Wi-Fi and multiple screens up so that we could all compare our ideas.

So what does all this mean for you as an advertiser? Simply this: I’m mobile; I don’t want to be connected to anything in order to get information. If you want to reach me, reach me when I’m searching – on a device or two – while you have my attention and I need your product.

 written by: Michele Williams


technology builds
technology builds a kitchen