2013 Marketing Strategy - Sell More Services

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Welcome to Part 6 of this series!

So far, we’ve discussed

1) the tools that a business needs in order to understand its audience and website traffic; 2) how to use that information to set realistic goals; and 3) specific examples of marketing strategies that help to accomplish those goals. Today’s blog will focus on our fictional spa’s third goal: selling more Swedish massages. This goal is a little trickier than the previous two, because it focuses on one specific service (which often means having a more targeted audience). In Part 5, we talked about how the spa could offer monthly online exclusive offers, so one of the offers should be created for Swedish massages.

To focus on one particular service, the spa will need to set aside some additional marketing dollars specifically to promote Swedish massages. There are a number of different promotional efforts that the spa can use to increase sales of Swedish massages. One highly effective method is a combination Direct-Mail/Email Marketing Campaign. Using direct-mail as well as email marketing offers similar targeting abilities. This results in a dual marketing effort that can reach, by both a print and an electronic method, the same person.

To have an effectively targeted campaign, the spa will want to evaluate who its ideal customer is. Where do they live? How much do they earn? Are they male or female? By evaluating this information, the owner will be able to come up with some criteria for his or her direct-marketing efforts. In addition, the owner should take a look at the “Demographics” section of the spa’s Google Analytics to see what cities its most engaged traffic is coming from.

In this instance, the owner might decide to target females who live within a 15-mile radius of the spa’s location, and who have an annual household income of $75,000 or more. These are basic criteria and can easily be used to filter both direct-mail and email marketing campaigns. By fine-tuning the targeting and creating strong print and email messaging that promotes the spa’s Swedish massages, the spa should see an increase in bookings.

Direct-mail and email marketing prices vary greatly, depending on the criteria, the number of deployments and the amount of people reached. A baseline budget for this campaign would be around $5,000 and reach about 6,000 households with a direct-mail postcard and an email blast.

Other opportunities the spa could pursue include running print ads in the local newspaper, as well as marketing to its own email list by providing a “customer appreciation special” or something similar. Something else the owner wants to keep in mind: major gift-giving holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, when a special advertising campaign would be appropriate.

In the final installation of this series, I will discuss the spa’s final goal: increasing bookings for bridal parties.