2013 Marketing Strategy: Wrap Up

Brides Idea Show

Welcome to the final installation of the Establishing Your 2013 Marketing Strategy blog series. This series started with talking about the data tools available to business owners. Then we discussed how to use these tools and how to set realistic goals. Most recently, we focused on each of those goals and some marketing ideas available to accomplish them. The final goal of our fictional spa was to book more bridal parties. This goal is targeted toward a very specific audience. As a result, while it can be mentioned and promoted occasionally through the other marketing outlets we discussed, a different approach is ultimately necessary.

First and foremost, the spa will need to decide the value of a bridal party and whether the value is great enough to dedicate marketing dollars specifically toward this demographic. One of the most effective ways to market to brides-to-be is by having a presence at a bridal show, such as The Post’s Palm Beach Brides – An Idea Show, which is held each fall.

Participation packages for shows such as this start at $1,000 and typically include a booth, an ad in the program, and some online visibility. Participating in an expo is a great way to reach a lot of people and to collect leads through contest registration and other ideas.

In addition to expos, another idea is an ad-network buy targeted toward brides and weddings. This is a great way to create a presence on popular bridal websites and to drive traffic toward the bridal-party page of your website. (As we discussed in Part 4, this type of Targeted Display advertising is very effective.)

For this type of specific demographic, I would recommend $600 a month – or 100,000 impressions invested into a network buy. Other ideas include advertising in popular bridal magazines and/or partnering with local bridal shops.

When you’re creating a marketing strategy for your business, it’s important to prioritize your goals and to appropriate your marketing dollars accordingly. Your most important goals should have the largest share of marketing dollars, as well as a custom strategy designed to help you reach them. Less-important goals should receive a smaller share of funds that are dedicated to targeted advertising.

By taking the time at the beginning of the year to come up with a specific marketing strategy, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. That’s because you will already know where, and how much money, you will need to invest to reach your goals.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let the experts at The Palm Beach Post help! Contact us today to set up a marketing-strategy meeting so that we can help walk you through this process and give you ideas on what advertising opportunities are available to help you reach your goals – and within your budget!