Most of you have heard of, or have been to, Renato’s. It’s a staple of Palm Beach, and this restaurant, tucked into quaint Via Mizner, serves phenomenal Continental Cuisine with an Italian Flair! Renato’s enjoys a healthy “in-season” crowd that fills the dining room as well as the function rooms. The restaurant’s challenge, however, was to enjoy that same success when the season ends and the snow-birds have flown back North. The Palm Beach Post was up to that challenge. Our team of marketing experts met with Jose (general manager) and Arlene (owner) to uncover more details, such as the type of clientele.

The number-one goal for Renato’s was to increase its event-room bookings during the “off-season.” This is a common challenge that many local business owners encounter — keeping their enterprise top-of-mind throughout the year and not just during the season.

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The Post’s first step was to hold an internal brainstorming session to create a list of ideas to drive traffic to Renato’s during the off-season. That session resulted in more than 100 ideas. Our marketing experts focused on the most effective ideas to meet Renato’s challenge.

The first idea: become a sponsor at The Palm Beach Post’s annual Palm Beach Brides — an Idea Show. This event, held in September, brings local brides and their families into the Palm Beach County Convention Center to taste and sample the very best our market has to offer.

This was a perfect fit for Renato’s, as they are a premier venue for special events. This idea included a space at the event, print and online promotional ads, and a custom-designed brochure that was handed out to brides-to-be at the event.

The Brides Idea Show produced immediate results for Renato’s. On the very afternoon of the show, brides already were heading to Renato’s to tour the rooms and check out the event packages. Jose and Arlene quickly understood that The Post was an asset to their marketing team.

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With the immediate results from the Brides Idea Show sponsorship, The Post’s marketing team went to work creating a multimedia campaign with a special-events message. The campaign included the use of print, online display, and ad-network buys. Renato’s continued to see an increase in its event-room bookings.

As the message saturated one audience after another, the campaign was optimized — changing the placement of Renato’s message from main news to local, from focused ad-network buys toward nonprofits, etc.

Because of the hands-on attention from The Post’s marketing team (April Swanson and Jill Carroll) and their commitment to helping achieve Renato’s goals, a trusted partnership with the clients has developed. Jose and Arlene now understand what it is to have The Palm Beach Post on their side. We provide our local businesses with creative solutions, and we will continue to adapt and optimize the marketing strategy as needed to achieve our clients’ goals.

Over the past four months, I’ve watched this business relationship turn in to a trusting, valuable, family-like partnership between Renato’s and The Palm Beach Post. April, Jill and Jose would meet or talk frequently to discuss the real-time results of the Renato’s campaign.

Jose reports that Renato’s New Year’s Eve 2013 party was the best ever, with people dancing, enjoying the food, and loving the ambience!

Just in case if you’re wondering, the fare is amazing! Jose treated us to the most amazing lunch I’ve ever eaten. Arlene came over and talked with us; the next thing I knew, hugs were flying and the spoiling – in the form of Renato’s excellent service and delicious fare – began! The waitstaff is professional and even taught us a little Italian.

A Palm Beach love story is when you can create a trusting business relationship that continues to grow!

written by: Michele Williams