Better Conversion = More Customers

I continue to bump up against the same question year after year: “Where are my ‘best of the best’” leads coming from? I can identify which elements of my marketing efforts are working, but I still have a hard time finding that sweet spot of conversion. Like most marketers, I look to other experts in the industry to help guide me, provide new information and ideas and, most important, give me a little insight into what the “other guys” are doing.

Recently, I found Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark report. The analysis in this report is based on data collected from 600 small and medium-size B2B companies. It is full of great, practical information that any SMB can apply to their marketing plans.

There was one slide that I just could not stop looking at: 2012 Conversion Rates by Source. See below.

better conversion

One of the main takeaways from this report is this: E-mail is still the strongest source for website engagement. If you haven’t already implemented an e-mail strategy, start right now. If you need help, please contact me or your Palm Beach Post account executive.

written by: Heather Luecke