The future of advertising for local businesses

online media trend

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of advertising, it is hard to know how to plan – because you never know what the future holds. But lucky for you, I do. Borrell & Associates, a company that tracks how businesses are allocating their advertising budgets across media vehicles (print, radio, online, TV, etc.) predicts that, in 2013 and for years to come, businesses in the West Palm Beach–Fort Pierce designated market area will allocate the largest portion of their advertising budget to … online.

This prediction does not come as a shock to most of us. The world is, after all, undergoing a digital revolution. Yet knowing that online is taking the lead does not answer all your questions. You can invest more money into online, but that could mean so many different things. So where do you even start?

Borrell then goes a step further, breaking down online ad spending into six categories in order to provide deeper insight into what forces are driving this online growth: Run of Site Display, Targeted Display, Search, Email, Online Audio and Online Video. The firm predicts that Targeted Display will be the driving force of online growth, starting this year and continuing as far into the future as we can see.

“Targeted Display” includes a variety of solutions, such as geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, re-targeting, ad networks, social media, and mobile. When utilizing targeted solutions, you get the most “bang for your buck” because you reach your most valuable prospects. For the next few years, businesses will continue to invest more money into this sector as they work to figure out the right combination of targeted solutions to complement their marketing mix.

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written by: Ashton Norris