5 Ideas to maximize your client's experience

At Ideabar, we want our clients have the best customer experience in the market.  What differentiates good customer service from great client experience? Make them feel special. Here are five tips to set you apart:

1)  Get personal: In today’s rushing business world, it can be refreshing when someone takes a genuine interest in the person behind the title. Get to know your client. Provide individual service. Ask how their weekend was, about the kids, what their favorite place to eat is, and about their pets. Small talk plays a large part in building trust and relationships. Use it as a way to connect with your guests but remember to listen really well.

2)  Eyes and teeth: Anytime you are talking to your client, even on the phone, smile. Body language speaks volumes and a little bit of eye contact can make a big difference. It makes people feel seen and like your mind is on them, not your next meeting.

3)  Sprinkle in moments of delight: If you take a little time to get personal, you can sprinkle in unexpected gestures of kindness that can be very meaningful to your client. Have their favorite coffee on hand when they visit, send her a bottle of her favorite nail polish, post a song by their favorite artist on their Facbook page, send them a recipe for their favorite dish, send them a link to a book on a topic they like, or send them a calendar featuring their favorite animal breed. Thinking of the client when you are not “supposed to” will make them feel special and set you apart as more thoughtful than the rest.

4)  Remember the golden rule: It’s common sense but sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget. Be prepared, don’t interrupt, be conscious of people’s time, be courteous.

5)  Back it up: Let your actions speak way louder than your words. Don’t just talk about it. Make it happen. Your work can be a great example of your attitude and commitment to service. Not only will they feel that you care, they will see that you do because you are delivering on your promises.