Becoming (Facebook) friends with your clients

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a luncheon featuring keynote speaker, Tim Sanders. Currently, the CEO of Los Angeles start-up, Net Minds, Sanders previously worked as the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo as well as its Leadership Coach. He spoke about the importance of using social media in the workplace to promote business practices and build relationships with clients. I personally use social media (constantly). I'll admit, I'm one of those typical millennials who gets a rush when I get more than 10 "likes" on a Facebook status. According to Sanders, I'm not alone.

Facebook, as well as all social media platforms, gives clients direct contact with companies and vice versa. Think about it, the fastest way to tell everyone of your friends you loved a product, restaurant or movie is by posting a Facebook status about it. Well, as a company, you can give your clients the rush they are craving! By simply commenting (not only "liking") on a client's post, you are showing your appreciation for their feedback. Not only does Facebook give you direct access to your customers' comments, it is also very low-maintenance. Honestly, devote a half hour to an hour a day to checking your company’s Facebook account. And, remember: post at least one thing a day directly to Facebook! That way, you are generating buzz about your own company and opening the door to client comments. By acknowledging the comments and opinions of your “fans”, you are building relationships and repeat customers. So log on and give your Facebook fans some love today!