Strategic brand placement at an event is a great way to introduce your product or service to perspective customers. It can be as easy as having a “step-and-repeat” brand backdrop where guests’ photos are taken, or putting your product in the goody bag. But here are five ideas you may not have thought of yet:

Use Décor for strategic brand placement at events Your brand’s logo can be placed on almost anything. Try the unexpected, think pillows, Lampshades, umbrellas, etc. Keep it simple and clean. Warning: These items may disappear, but that’s ok, décor that walks away creates additional exposure after your event.

Image by Lila Photo

Use Lighting for strategic brand placement at events “Gobos” are stencils for lighting. They are an inexpensive and dramatic way to highlight your brand at indoor or evening events. They can be used above an entrance to welcome your guests, or used to highlight event sponsors.

Use Ice Bars for Strategic Branding at Events Your guests will be attracted to the bar like a polar bear to an iceberg. The custom bar may cost upwards of $1,500, but it’s something your clients will long remember.

Use Food for strategic brand placement at events Edible treats are a great way to reinforce your brand. You logo can be printed on cakes, cookies and candy. Treats are always the favorite item in goody bags!

Don’t forget Attire Take the printed T-shirt to the next level. Have your messaging printed on the front and back. Think quick and clever. Have everyone from the valets to the wait staff in the same “uniform.” Guests will be quick to recognize your brand and your team in action.

Looking for even more ways to get your brand recognized? Call us at Ideabar, a marketing consultancy of The Palm Beach Post. Our in-house event team can help you produce your next event.