By: Jan Tuckwood, Presentation Editor

Did you know that moms want experiences that help them reconnect with their spouses?

That’s one of the tips from Maria Bailey, founder and CEO of BSM Media and expert on marketing to moms. Her book, “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market,” was the first to examine the buying power of moms. Her newest book is “Power Moms: The New Rules for Engaging Mom Influencers Who Drive Brand Choice.”

We talked to Maria at the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, where she was helping golf professionals lure more women to their courses.

Here are six tips for marketing to moms:

No more superwomen! Today’s young moms want “an integrated life…they won’t be martyrs to a job.” These women seek more flexibility than “balance” – so keep that in mind when positioning products.

Customization is the new standard. The average woman has 31 apps on her phone to help her be efficient and get just what she needs. She’s a “multitasker on steroids”…and she expects her experiences to be customized for her. And if a mom likes something, she shares it. (For example, women love food. Sixty percent of the stuff on Pinterest is food-related.)

Boost her relationships. Moms want experiences with their spouse and children…things they can do together. (This is where golf can come in…a woman could walk nine holes with her children and spouse.)

Pay attention to the 50-year-olds! “Women over 50 are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs.” They listen to what other women want.

Pay attention to the mom bloggers! Moms who have big blog followings are influencers – and one out of 10 moms tell the other nine what to do or buy or try.

Woo her! Women like to be invited to things…a store opening or a special day out or a special deal. They want to relate to a product and to a business. So, give her an invitation – and follow up! Don’t be like the guy who says he’ll call after a first date and never does. Sell her something…and then woo her. She wants a relationship with a business who likes her back!