No one would argue social media sites like Facebook and Twitter dominate today’s Internet. But it’s hardly a new phenomenon. Computer users discovered the power of plugging into online and sharing information decades before the first websites were created. Thanks to the rapid deployment of the enabling technology, today over 35% of the world’s population interact on a global scale in real time.

Still, tapping into that audience continues to be challenging for businesses. They know they need to be there -- but in what way? How does a brand best represent itself? According to Steve Smith, writing in “MobileInsider,” the best strategy may be to “shut up.”

Smith writes, “One of the best things a brand can do on social media is just stop talking. Instead, let the customer talk. They usually do it better, and it certainly is more authentic than the usually anonymous, ever-earnest, struggling-to-be-human ‘brand voice.’”

Smith makes an interesting point. Is it better for brands to forgo touting their products and turn the conversation over to the people who use them? Agree or not, and I’m not sure I do, it’s a valid point of view. You can find the entire article here.

What do you think? How should brands use social media? Send me your thoughts and let's keep this conversation going!