Making your products viral with Pinterest

By: Jackie Cesaretti, Field Sales Coach

My niece is getting married in 358 days.  That sounds like a long time from now, but in the world of weddings, it’ll come very quickly.

Pinterest has become my new best friend.  I have spent countless hours searching for ideas.  Pinterest has been the best source for everything!  Looking for wedding venues?  Pinterest has them.  Looking for wedding favors?  You can’t get too many ideas from Pinterest.  How about mother-of-the-bride dresses?  You’ll find them, too!

What I love the most?  Clicking on the item you “like” and having the link take me directly to the item I was interested in.  When it doesn’t link, I get so disappointed.

Businesses have a unique opportunity to share their products, services and designs through this idea-based platform.    You’ll want to make sure you choose adequate keywords so your product comes up in the search results.  Be sure when someone clicks on your item, you take them to that item.  You may need to use a landing page to make that happen.  Once there, if you can have similar items to link to on your site, the level of engagement will grow.  For example, I found a dress I thought was pretty.  When I clicked on it, it took me to a website with tons of options at a price point I thought was great for someone else I know getting married.  I forwarded the entire link with the website to that person.  She was thrilled.  She had never heard of the website and now is looking into ordering from them.  

When marketing correctly on Pinterest, you’ll have a great opportunity for your products to go viral.

Happy Pinning!