Retargeting from your Facebook "life events"

Valentine’s Day, easily the most romantic day of the year, became the most amazing moment of life this past week when my boyfriend proposed to me! After making all the necessary phone calls to family, the next step was to make it “Facebook Official” for all of our friends and colleagues to see.

There’s something that happens to even the most laid back woman the second a sparkly engagement ring finds its way on her finger, and that something is wedding planning. Within hours of announcing our engagement on Facebook, my fiancé (wow that’s still crazy to say!) and I noticed the wedding-related Facebook ads appearing on both of our pages. From dresses to photographers, they all now know that I’m in “wedding mode” and are eager to market to me. Considering that weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry, I won’t be surprised to find myself the target of more advertising in the near future.

From behavioral targeting to retargeting, these wedding-related ads aren’t going away any time soon. I’ll definitely be doing a lot of online research to help make my plans and look forward to all the excitement and planning ahead.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to scour Pinterest for wedding inspiration!