Six websites to help you turn data in dollars

By: Chadi Irani, Digital Strategist

We’ve all heard about the importance of data and the need to leverage data to be successful and generate revenue but we don’t spend enough time making sense of the free or paid tools we have access to.  I meet with many local business owners in Palm Beach County and they all share their frustration of not knowing what the best tools to use are and where to spend their time and energy.

My goal today is to hand pick six tools that can help you understand your digital audience, competition, and industry trends.  Having access to this data will ultimately help you build a targeted strategy to generate better ROI for your business.  You can access these very easily on your own:

1.   Google Analytics: Many businesses have google analytics on their sites but they don’t look at it often or leverage its tools effectively.– There is so much data within Google Analytics telling different stories about your site visitors and behavior on your site.  This is a must have!

2.   Facebook insights: Facebook Insights provides developers and Page owners with metrics about their content.   Your Facebook followers might look different than your in-store customers, this tool will help you better understand your audience and their engagement on your social media page.

3.  Borrell Associate Data: : Compass provides the data you need to make informed ad-buying decisions – This is one of my favorite tools to track where your industry is headed and what medium your competition is using to grow business.

4.  Buzzboard – BuzzBoard allows a comprehensive detailing of a business's online presence and performance.  It’s very simple, this tool tells you what you are doing right or wrong compared to your competition.

5.   Compete: “is a web traffic analysis service of Compete, Inc. which operates in the United States and publishes the approximate number of U.S. visitors to the top 1,000,000 web sites”.  It provides a sneak peek of your competitor’s website traffic.  Hey, it’s out there, you might as well look at it!

6.  Reputation intelligence: There are many companies out there to monitor your online reputation and presence.  We partner with a company called Vendasta and I am happy to provide customized report for your business.

As a business owner or business strategist, do you know exactly who visited your website and what content they engaged with? How does your Facebook fan base look like? How do you stack up online against your competition? Where is your industry headed? You can answer all these questions and many, many more by accessing the tools mentioned above and turn all the data you have access to into dollars starting today!