5 tips to get industry influencers to follow you on Twitter


Want to connect with folks who will share your online marketing content and promote your business message to thousands of people for free? Here are five tips to help you get industry influencers to follow you on Twitter.

  1. Be Subtle – One way to guarantee that nobody of influence will follow you is to keep publicly tweeting them and asking if they will follow you. Start by following them and tweet about an article of theirs you enjoyed, or ask how they feel about a particular topic they like to write about.
  2. ReTweet /Reply – Show your interest in an influencer’s Twitter content by retweeting their posts to your Twitter following. Or comment on their tweets by hitting “reply.” Just make sure you add to their conversation with a well thought-out or humorous comment.
  3. Share Your Best Content – Use your original content as an outreach tool. Connecting your business blog to your Twitter account not only helps boost web traffic from Twitter and search engines, it gives influencers a reason to follow you. Also, try to reference content written by an influencer in one of your blog posts. This will provide them with an inbound link, which will help their SEO and give them a reason to follow you.
  4. Share Other Useful Content – Forward influencers any tips, information, or links to articles or data you think they would want to know about or be aware of. This will improve your relationship with them, even if the content isn’t from your company.
  5. Strengthen the Bond – Once you’ve convinced an influencer to follow your account, you can send them a brief direct message (DM). Here’s your chance to build personal relationships with influencers by interacting with them “offline.” (You can only DM people once they’ve followed you.)