Category: Net Advertising. Answer: Daily Double

A couple of weeks ago, I was at home watching Jeopardy with my boyfriend. It might not sound like something two twenty-somethings would be interested in but in our house, a round of Jeopardy could get pretty intense! One of the categories that evening was Net Advertising. I have only been in advertising for a short time, but in that time, I have seen a lot of digital (net) advertising growth. So, imagine my (and my boyfriend’s) surprise when I swept the entire category! (Seriously, I didn’t miss one!)

While I can’t remember all of the answers in the category, I took some time to gather a few definitions to help with Internet Advertising terminology:

Above the fold: borrowed from print media, this refers to an ad that is visible as soon as the Web page arrives. You do not have to scroll down (or sideways) to see it.

Pay-per-click: An advertiser pays a certain amount for each clickthrough to the advertiser’s web site. The amount paid per clickthrough is determined prior to the ad campaign starting and the advertiser only pays if someone clicks on the ad.

CPM: “cost per thousand” ad impressions, an industry standard measure for selling ads on websites.

Impressions: according to the “Basic Advertising Measures,” from FAST, an ad industry group, this is “the count of delivered basic advertising unit from the ad distribution point. (basically, how many times your ad is seen)

Hopefully some of the terms listed above will help you transition into the new digital age and internet advertising…. Or at least help you with some Jeopardy trivia!