Diversifying your ad dollars in 2014

By: Courtney Ricks, Field Sales Manager

With each new marketing start-up and social media company that launches, the advertising market is more fragmented than ever before. There are a lot more marketing decisions to be made for small businesses and with that more opportunity if managed correctly.

In the past, you could count on a high volume of consumers targeting your message to a few traditional media channels. The introduction of social media, smart phones, YouTube, and Google advertising opportunities have segmented the audiences you could reach before with one traditional channel. Thanks to technology though, it has never been easier to target the right audience at the right time. Here are a couple quick tips to diversity your marketing dollars and yield solid returns on your efforts by hitting the right customers.

1. Diversify channel types: Google AdWords is an effective channel, but it's only one channel.  Traditional newspaper advertising is great, but there are also mobile and online channels consumers absorb that content on. If you are only marketing in one channel you are missing out on audience.

2. Target to the right audience: Diversifying is a waste of money and effort if you aren't targeting to the right audience for your business. The more you craft a specific message to a specific group, the better your response will be. Internet marketing allows you to deliver timely messaging to a specific group of people you need to target. Use this technology to increase your return on investment and improve the quality of your leads.

3. Optimize: Diversifying your channels and targeting to the right audience takes time and effort. Monitoring and optimizing your efforts is essential to yield the results you want long term. If you're involved in Social media, be active and responsive. If you can't keep up on posts and responses, contract this work out to a reputable company. It's worth the investment. Pay attention to your messaging and make sure it's yielding the right audience interaction. And finally, utilize tracking tools like Google analytics and Facebook insights to measure your results.

There are more opportunities than ever to diversify your marketing in today's advertising market. Target to the right channels to reach the right audience and utilize tracking tools to ensure a solid return on your investment.