Opportunities abound - so long as you recognize them

Virtually any situation you encounter can quickly morph into an opportunity – if you keep an open mind.

Some of the world’s most influential inventions and/or discoveries owe their existence to accidental chance.

For instance, a British World War II radar operator noticed that, whenever he was in vicinity of the machines, within a few minutes the chocolate bar he always kept in his pocket would melt.

This was the germination of how engineers would eventually harness the radar’s natural heating element that would go on to power contemporary microwave ovens – the first of which was branded Radarange.

Or, consider America’s favorite salty snack: the iconic potato chip.

It was born in the 19th century by an innkeeper’s response to a complaining patron. Seems the patron thought the restaurant’s potatoes were too thick and soggy.

So, the innkeeper, in a fit of temper, decided to slice his potatoes paper-thin and over-fry them to a crisp. That’ll show the disrespectful complainer!

Well, you can probably guess the rest: The crunchy fried “chips” were an immediate hit and soon became the inn’s most popular menu item.

And they also became yet another timeless lesson in the need to always be on the lookout for new opportunities – especially ones that may be disguised.