By: Tracey Diglio, Director of Fulfillment and Lead Generation

Being a leader is a privilege. You are privileged to be in a position where you can direct, shape and coach others to improve their performance and professional growth. As a leader, you are charged with great responsibility.

Here are a few principles that make up a great leader:

Respect- You need to earn it! Treating others with respect will ultimately earn respect.
Humility- You need to leave your ego at home and learn from others on your team, employees and your customers.
Adaptability- You need to be open to change. A leader needs to accept and support changes that are beneficial to the group as a whole.
Recognition- You need to show gratitude to the people you lead for the effort and sacrifices they make on a daily basis.
Humor- Find it. It is a fact that humor will help beat stress, increase productivity and help create a fun environment.
Good Communicator- Listen, listen, listen. You must understand the needs and desires of others. Ask good questions, consider different options and lead in the right direction.

These principles aren’t anything new, we all just need to be reminded every once in a while.