Don't be afraid to share "crazy" ideas!

By: Heather Graulich, Notables Writer/Editor

Some marketing campaigns seem so bizarre,
you can’t help but picture the meeting that spawned them:


“OK, here’s an idea: it’s prom season, let’s do a TV ad where a kid brings his prom date a corsage made out of fried chicken! Then, when she gets hungry at the dance, she just takes a giant bite of the chicken on her wrist!” (see it here. now up to more than 700,000 views.)

And there you have it: the KFC chicken corsage - not only a kooky, attention-grabbing ad but an actual thing that, for a while, you could buy from a Kentucky florist. (here)

The florist, Nanz & Kraft, worked with KFC on the campaign. For $20, they sent buyers a wrist corsage made of baby’s breath with a $5 KFC gift card to buy the fresh chicken on…well…prom night. Simply attach a drumstick (or thigh, if you think your date will be hungrier) and you’re ready to party.

Needless to say, the first 100 corsages sold out almost instantly. The florist made more. Those sold out, too. Traffic on the florist’s website exploded from a typical day’s 500 hits to more than 11,000 during the KFC promotion.

News media picked up on the story, and then the marketing mash-up started. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals got in on the act, with their own (warning: graphic) version of the ad (here). Despite the negativity of PETA’s ad, the buzz is out there with KFC’s brand all over it.

The lesson here? Anything is possible in marketing, so the next time you’re in a meeting and are worried about tossing out a “crazy” idea, don’t be. Really, don’t be.

And many thanks to my friend Kent, who works in web design and marketing and shared the corsage news with his LinkedIn network. See how these things work?