By: Carol Manning, Senior Manager Local Sales

As a sales leader, motivating my team can at times be a challenge. A few tips that have helped me along the way:

1) Let people be individuals- not every person in the room will respond to things exactly the same way. Understand the uniqueness of the audience and find ways to reach different people in different ways. Sit back and listen to feedback in order to best understand your group.

2) People are motivated by different things- some people are motivated by money, others are motivated by acknowledgement, while others thrive on the pure sense of accomplishment. It’s up to you as the leader to identify and respect motivational differences.

3) Allow failure to make room for growth- provide an environment where experimentation and stumbling is encouraged. Let your team feel fearless as they try new techniques and learn.

These few tips are a great start to inspire you and your team to reach your goals!