The business and military worlds have so much in common

I’ve always believed virtually anything in life can be analogized to sports – or the military.

A successful businessman – and now author of “The Texas Spirit” – named David M. Smith agrees with me.

He says – and I concur – that the following aphorisms apply to both military and business endeavors:

  • Take the offensive – because defense alone never wins.
  • When defense is necessary, fall back carefully, with a plan – and while still firing.
  • Be prepared to use every option at your disposal.
  • At some point, “counterattack” will be necessary.
  • Counterattack quickly – but not emotionally.
  • Always have enough troops and supplies available.
  • Be leery of taking a “weak” front. In combat, weak fronts are usually traps.
  • Never sleep while on “guard duty.” Vigilance is key, even during lulls in the action.
  • Don’t be overly cautious. Taking calculated risk is necessary in all contests.
  • Have a primary objective that’s understood by everyone.
  • Sweat the details. This prevents small issues from turning into big issues.