6 ways to grow your Twitter followers

By: Andrea O'Neal, Ideabar Intern

Before divulging these tips, I want to point out that the quality of your profile is super important. To build a meaningful mass of followers on Twitter, first you’ll have to build a presence. People will not follow you if you aren’t follow worthy.

1. Link your Twitter account to everything Directing people to your Twitter account is a simple, yet sometimes, overlooked thing to do. Add a “Follow me on Twitter” link to your blog, website, business card, email and all other social media accounts. Literally everything.  You should also consider plugging your Twitter Profile after speaking publically or at an event. You already have everyone’s attention in these instances; therefore you have the perfect opportunity for growing your social media audience. People will follow you because they have already indicated that they like you.

2.  Tweet the right content No one will follow you if you’re deemed boring. Post a photo, share a piece of advice, retweet a popular industry professional/celebrity, post media, etc. Having a variety of substantial, interesting tweets will engage your established followers, and entertain your new followers. Ideabar Director Amy Royster says that your social media should have a 3:1 ratio—for every three lifestyle/trending tweets, you can push something that is business/brand related.  Having the right content makes you an “expert”.

When tweeting, make sure your content is relevant and worth sharing. Your goal is that your followers retweet you and see you as a legitimate source.

3.  Follow other industry leaders and companies Your brand can benefit from associating with reputable individuals and companies. Engage with these brands by commenting on their tweets. You never know, these industry leaders may follow and retweet you, which makes you more legitimate and gives you the opportunity to have more followers. You should also consider following the followers of these industry leaders and companies. Usually, their followers will follow you back.

4.  Utilize live tweeting Joining the conversation—while it’s happening—makes you relevant. Twitter is the medium of choice for discussing ongoing events. Leading an event conversation in real-time is valuable.

5.  Tweet at the right times People have to see your tweets for you to seem relevant. Think about the schedule of those in your industry. You should tweet in the morning, around lunch time and typically in the evening.

6.  Engage I have to mention this again. Engage with your followers. Engage with celebrities and leaders who you follow by posting comments. Engage in trending conversation relevant to your industry. Follow your followers. Twitter is a social website. Remember that your followers are people and people like to have conversation, be entertained and stimulated.

The nextweb.com says it best: the point of Twitter is interaction.

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