Get Pumped! Being Inspired is great for your career!

In the past year, as graphic designer and photographer here at Ideabar, I have been doing more and more photography shooting portraits of people for various clients of Ideabar such as Jaguar Palm Beach, Arrigo Fiat, West Palm Hospital, Cleveland Clinic Survivor Sunday Series, Dr. Jeffrey H. Kotzen of Kotzen Center for Women’s Health, Executive Director, Erin Udell, of My Own Home Project, and Dr. Nicole Kirchhoff, owner of Live Advantage Bait.

Nicole’s assignment was a simple headshot. I wanted to give her the best photo she has ever had taken so I began looking for inspiration and better techniques.

I found it with Peter Hurley.

Peter is a successful headshot photographer based in NY shooting mostly actors and models. His videos are amazing, funny and most of all – inspiring. After watching a couple of his videos, I learned it’s all about the jawline and dropping the front shoulder. Sounds easy enough but by the end of it, your neck and body is aching and you are reaching for your phone to call your massage therapist or your chiropractor. I know, because I practiced some of the techniques with my muse - my wife, Jeannette. We set up two new Paul C. Buff’s parabolic umbrellas in my living room to test and I kind of sprang the slightly uncomfortable techniques on her and she was resistant at first. Then as we tried more and more shots, she became a true fan and could see what I was trying to achieve. The results were amazing and we were so excited. She took a great shot of me utilizing the same techniques.

So I tried to incorporate some of the techniques I learned with Nicole, and after about 20 - 25 minutes, we both began to get into a rhythm and she “got it”. She was really into it. She got the whole idea of creating a clean jawline. The shoot went well and Nicole told me she had tons of fun doing it, and loved the photos. She told me her mom warned her that it was going to be a lot of “work.” That just wasn’t the case. See the photo of Nicole here.

I have never been more inspired to shoot more headshots after watching some of Peter’s videos. Take a look at the video. Even if you are not a photographer, this guy’s enthusiasm will pump you up. No matter what kind of job you do.