OMG! WHAT is she talking about????
Nowadays, people of all ages (myself included) are writing messages and emails using text abbreviations and emoticons. Sometimes, it’s all you see in the message and most times -- unless you’re a teenager -- no one knows what you’re talking about. I’ve gotten messages that are almost all emoticons. Given my conversation with that friend, I know what he or she means, but to someone else, it could raise some eyebrows (and there is an emoticon for that!).

Text messages are one thing, but in the advertising/marketing world, clarity in messaging is very important. While we want our taglines and selling points to be catchy and unique, it’s important to be clear. If the buyer or reader has to take too much time to figure out what you’re talking about, you’re going to lose them. Clarity can equate to trust. It can attract visitors which could in turn lead to new customers and more business.

So, when marketing your business, be aware of the messages you are sending. Whether it’s an email a text, or a billboard, make sure your words are precise, interesting and convincing . Your business success could depend on it.