By: Charlotte Dowell, Ideabar Intern

Having a summer internship is an amazing way to really get your foot in the door in the working world.  This summer working at Ideabar will be an amazing experience to learn about the world of marketing, and the world of working professionals in general.  

It has been very exciting to sit in on Ideabar “Happy Hours”.  Seeing how the team is able to listen to a client, understand their brand, and identify their needs, and shell out ideas to better the client is a very interesting process to watch.  It is very inspiring to watch this process and see how each Ideabar staff member lends their expertise to client.  But it is also very cool to watch the different experts bounce ideas off of each other.

The dynamic energy that buzzes throughout “Happy Hours” doesn’t end there.  The greatest part of working at Ideabar is the energy of the office in general.  Everyone really likes what they are doing and do not begrudge their tasks.  

Internships are typically synonymous with being a gopher.  "Intern go get coffee." "Intern go make 500 copies..." "Intern go sharpen these pencils."  My initial expectation of being an intern this summer was that.  I thought I would be a paid gopher who sat in a dark corner pretty much ignored by the office.  However to my great surprise this is not the case at all.  Being an intern at Ideabar has been a very exciting and interesting experience thus far (I am only on week two).  

Walking into the office on day one I was the expected bundle of nerves.  I spent at least 45 minutes deciding on an outfit, another hour perfecting my hair, and 30 minutes on my makeup just to make sure my appearance came off as totally professional and mature.  I had a real “mama, I made it” moment when I received my official security badge with my picture on it and one of the cool retractable lanyards.  

The second day continued to get better.  The other intern and I helped with a party Ideabar held.  We got to take pictures and even talk with some of the guests.  Everyday has been different and exciting.  I get to learn about all the different sides of Ideabar, from content, to organization, and client relations.  

I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity.  I am really looking forward to the rest of my intern adventures this summer!