9 Powerful Phrases Super Positive People Always Say

I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with, and for, super positive people. During the interview process, it’s helpful to know how to spot a super positive leader.

How do you identify a super positive person?

You can easily spot super positive people by the way they carry themselves and by the way they speak. Super positive people know that words are powerful and can be used to make a significant impact in the lives of others. They carefully use the power of words to create genuine connections and lasting relationships with people in their professional and personal lives.

It is important to note that super successful people are highly genuine in what they say--and what they do as well. They do not say things superficially because it is not part of who they are. They embrace being genuine and this is what distinguishes them from the crowd.
We can all become more positive by starting to practice these phrases that super successful people say.  Why not be super positive?

1. I admire you
Super positive people are appreciative. They notice the good qualities in people and they say to them "I admire you."

2. You can do it
Super positive people are supportive. They are interested in helping people, and tell them "You can do it."

3. I value you
Super positive people are caring. They make sure people know that they are not taken for granted and say to them "I value you."

4. You can count on me
Super positive people are collaborative. They are aware of the importance of being there for people and they say to them "You can count on me."

5. I believe in you
Super positive people are comforting. They realize that people need to be reassured and they say to them "I believe in you."

6. You are kind
Super positive people are thankful. They acknowledge the good deeds of people and they say to them "You are kind."

7. I trust you
Super positive people are confident. They rest assured relying on people and they say to them "I trust you."

8. You are smart
Super positive people are encouraging. They see the extraordinary things in people and they say to them "You are smart."

9. I'm sorry
Super positive people are courageous. They are prompt to apologize to people and say to them “I'm sorry."

I’m grateful to all the super positive people that I’ve had the good fortune to know in my professional and personal life.  Super positive people inspire us all to be a bit more thoughtful, offer a compliment, and express appreciation.

Why not be super positive?

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