By: Charlotte Dowell, Intern

One key to successful marketing is curating content that is unique, entertaining, and gets people talking (hopefully about the product).  Paul Crandell of GoPro has truly capitalized on this idea.  When Crandell became Senior Vice President of Marketing for the tech startup he increased the team of content curators from 17 to 149.  Those dedicated curators set out to sift through the many different submitted GoPro videos for their channel.  Thanks to Crandell and his incredible team, the GoPro YouTube channel now has 2 million subscribers with over 20 million views.   

Curating content though can quickly become a hazardous endeavor that can actually sour your business.  According to Cursive, a content marketing studio, it is important to remember to first understand content curation, next curate smart, then create added value.  To fully understand how best to curate amazing content follow this link to Cursive’s 20 Best Tips for Curating Content: